To be Car HiFi

Ars Aures, for over thirty years, has specialized in the engineering and construction of speakers for automotive applications, offering different product lines, united by the fact of true fidelity to the musical source. True to quality. True to the music. Pure performers, accurate reproducers.

 car hifi.jpg

At Ars Aures we have always been interested in cars, and as a result we were delighted to accept the challenge to fit a high-end sound system into one. After the successful debut of the Ars Aures sound system in the Bugatti Veyron, we were able to acquire another renowned partners with Porsche and Mercedes- Benz. The experiences, the challenges and the exciting cooperation in the context of these two projects have enabled us to set new global standards for the automotive industry.

Most of us spend quite a lot of time in our cars. More perhaps than we spend in our living rooms back home. And for many people the car has become a kind of mobile retreat, a place where they can forget about their cares and anxieties, at least for a time. That is why drivers increasingly appreciate a comfortable and leisurely ambience in their cars. The sound of music can significantly contribute to making driving a far more pleasant experience. And music is no longer simply some kind of background noise: it is becoming an emotional event in its own right. Intense research and development have made it possible to transfer Ars Aures’s long experience of providing high-end sound for the living room to the automotive industry. Listening to music in the car is no longer a compromise affair. Ars Aures sound systems now make it possible to enjoy the warm, natural and full-bodied Ars Aures sound in cars as well.


“It is the best car hifi that this author has ever heard – and that expressly includes systems which are five times as pricey.”